Dignite Abp

Adding to the ecology of the ABP framework: Adds notification system, dynamic forms module, file manager, Pure Theme, and other enhancements.

Dignite Abp 2.0.0 is built on Abp Framework 7.4.5, and Abp Framework 7.4.5 is based on .NET Framework 7.0. To run Dignite Abp 2.0.0 smoothly, please ensure that your computer has .NET Framework 7.0 installed.

Dignite Abp Modules

Notification System

Referencing the notification system from Asp.Net Boilerplate, ported to the Abp Framework. Using simple code to send notifications and implementing real-time notifications within the system, as well as email notifications. Developers can also implement their own notification methods.


Points enhance user engagement, build loyalty, and incentivize active participation and contribution, and can be used in a wide range of systems such as e-commerce, social media, gaming, education, and health.

Dynamic Forms Module

Dynamic forms allow system administrators to dynamically customize the fields of business object entities online, mainly applied to SKUs of goods in shopping mall systems, polling and research systems, CMS and other systems.

Files Explorer

Dignite Abp Files is developed based on ABP BlobStoring and provides file type validation and file size validation for the file upload process. Developers can also extend additional processing events.

Pure Theme

Abp theme packages developed by Dignite Abp team, including both Blazor and MVC versions. The Blazor version is based on BlazoriseUI, while the MVC version is built on Bootstrap.

Multi-Tenant Views

Each tenant can have a separate set of View UI, and developers can easily personalize the tenant UI.

Multi-Tenant Localization

Each tenant can have a separate set of language packs for personalized tenant content presentation.

BlazoriseUI Component

A series of Blazor components developed based on Blazorise, including tree components with drag-and-drop support, and extended functionality DataGrid, and more.

Ckeditor Component

A Ckeditor Component for Asp.net Blazor, supporting both Server mode and WebAssembly mode. Additionally, it is compatible with the dynamic forms module.

Want to Contribute?

Dignite ABP is based on Abp Framework build open source project , early for Dignite internal use , now officially open source for the ABP framework ecological additions .

See the contribution guide if you want to be a part of this project.